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Space MMO Dual Universe Hits Kickstarter Goal

Dual (Parallel Trouble!) Universe

Novaquark's Dual Universe [official site] this week ended its Kickstarter campaign having passed its goal of €500k, so now it's time for the company to put up or shut up. The sandbox space MMO is touting some pretty lofty goals, so hopefully they'll deliver... after asking for more money, anyway.

Novaquark will take the cash they got from the completed Kickstarter to create an open-world space game with "millions" of different planets to explore, ships to construct and fly around the universe, and other various things you'd expect to do in space. Hopefully. But I'm not completely sold on it just yet. These all sound like fantastic, flowery promises and prototype videos do look promising, but there's a long way between those and a finished game.

It's also meant to feature a world made completely by the players, with a voxel-based universe that supposedly has no limit in size, but can it actually happen? One of the reasons I was attracted to games like EVE Online in the first place was the promise of being able to explore space at my leisure. But I'm not sure we've really gotten to a point just yet where it's going to be feasible to see the things Dual Universe has promised. It's interesting, to be sure, and I'm absolutely open to the idea that I can make it "my journey," as it were. But it's going to take a lot before I'm fully convinced.

The company is still accepting funds, too, and is opening a crowdfunding page apart from Kickstarter that you can make donations to if you so desire, so the former Kickstarter stretch goals can possibly be met. We'll have to see if this works out for Novaquark, but I'm remaining cautiously optimistic.

Here's the pitch video that helped Novaquark reach this point:

Cover image for YouTube video

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