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Dying Light 2 announced, co-written by Chris Avellone

Watch the gameplay trailer

More first-person parkour-o-zombiemurder is coming from Techland in Dying Light 2, announced today at E3. Once again, we'll get to leap and fight through (and over) a zombie-infested city, run missions for people, and try to survive. Simply more Dying Light would be grand, but this sounds like it's going ambitious on the story front too, drafting Chris "The Human Stretch Goal" Avellone as a narrative designer and co-writer. He gabbed about the game having decisions with "genuine consequences", where who you help and how will open and close opportunities and change the future of the city, with good and bad effects either way. Get a glimpse of that in the first gameplay demonstration below.

Watch on YouTube

Pretty, that. And here's the plain ol' announcement trailer:

Watch on YouTube

As for the rest, here's the marketing blurb:

"The bold sequel to the open-world phenomenon, Dying Light 2 brings to life a unique post-apocalyptic vision of the Modern Dark Ages - a brutal, bleak and unforgiving reality where you are as likely to perish at the hand of a human as you are by the infected. In this exhausted world, your quick thinking, exceptional parkour abilities and brutal combat skills are the only things that let you dive into darkness and emerge alive. Make morally grey decisions and witness how they impact the world at multiple levels, shape the transformation of the City, and ultimately decide its fate."

The game's been no secret for years, but now it's official. No word yet on when Dying Light 2 will launch, so probably not any time soon.

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