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Dying Light Adds Deathmatch, Plus Peek At Following

Palkills for funsies

A dead man's tongue unrolls from the cuckoo clock, leathery lungs hissing its call as the bloodbells chime, which can only mean it's murdertime. Dying Light [official site] has added conventional man-killing deathmatch with an update to its level editor, so you can battle folks who are as zippy and wily as yourself. Kill! Kill! Players can make their own co-op maps now too.

Or, if that's not your bag, hey, a new video shows 16 minutes of crossbows and dune buggies from the zombie-mashing FPS's upcoming expansion The Following.

To showcase the new PvP support, developers Techland gave community member 'RabidSquirrel' early access to the updated tools to make to map Don't Drown. Along with zombies and players to fight, it has a flood to survive. Apparently one deadly hazard wasn't enough. You can see a bit of it in motion here:

Cover image for YouTube video

The updated editor should now be live on Steam, available from the Tools section of your library (if you've got Dying Light, obvs). PvP is a nice addition, especially as developers Techland don't seem massively interested in making deathmatch maps themselves - they might not be, but some players surely will.

As for The Following, hey, look, here are those IGN louts having a crack ahead of the expansion's launch on February 9th:

Cover image for YouTube video

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