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Dying Light Raises Expansion And Enhanced Edition

Something for everyone!

Today's a big day for Dying Light [official site], with three new releases coming to the open-world, zombie-slaying, parkouring FPS. I'll try to explain this slowly, because it's all enough that there's a diagram explaining it all. So! Today brings The Following, the paid expansion which adds a new area and vehicles to Dying Light. Today also brings a free update with many tweaks and improvements to Dying Light. Lastly, today brings Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition, which combines the base game (and that patch, natch) and The Following plus all its other DLC. Get it? Got it? Good.

All of those things are now live.

Patch 1.10.0 include better AI, new weapons, a new skill tree, a higher difficulty mode, more parkour animations, and plenty of other stuff listed in the patch notes. Or this video looks at its new 'Legendary' skill tree, this one goes over 'bounty' challenges, and this one is about Nightmare difficulty. Again, that's free for everyone who has Dying Light.

As for The Following, it ventures beyond the city and out into the countryside to investigate a cult. Along with a new story and quests and weapons and things, it adds dirt buggies to zoom around and run over zombies. Adam says he's playing it and will tell us Wot He Thinks in a day or two.

Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition is now on Steam for £39.99. The Following is £15.99. The DLC season pass including The Following and the rest is £23.99 (the price was bumped up after they realised big The Following was big enough to charge more). Anyway! Here's a launch trailer:

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