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Dying Light Gets Rocket League's Buggy And A Ball

Zombie Car-Ball

Usually we post about Rocket League [official site] because it's taking yet another iconic car from pop culture and turning it into DLC, but not this time. This time it's the other way around: it's the Rocket League buggy that has come to Dying Light [official site] as a free DLC. So if you ever get tired of running over zombies you can play some car football.

Jump the break for a video, and details on how to get the update.

First of all, here's the trailer. Don't be fooled, Rocket League has not received a massive graphical update.

Cover image for YouTube video

The DLC is really just a paintjob for the buggy that was introduced in Dying Light: The Following. Adding a vehicle to a free-running game seemed like a puzzling choice on paper, but Adam liked it quite a bit. Here's what he said, comparing the main game to "The Floor Is Lava":

That’s Dying Light and the buggy doesn’t interrupt or obscure the essential playfulness at the game’s core. Wider spaces require transport and the buggy is the pillow that you chuck on the floor and then scooch across the room little by little using the soles of your feet.

It’s that pillow, except faster and more robust. Eventually you’ll be able to strap an electrified cage and a flamethrower to it. Just think – a metal safety pillow with a flamethrower attached to the front, ploughing through zombies.

If you want it, you'll have to visit this website and link your Steam account (or console account.) After that, simply type in the code "LightMyRocket" and the paint job should be available in your game next time you load it up.

This is a worrying trend: not only Rocket League is incorporating every car in existence and replicating other sports, now it's spilling over to other games. Soon, there shall be no safe place left. Wherever tire-based transportation has been invented, it won't be used to go places, but just to play with a ball. It'll be worse than the zombie apocalypse, I tell you.

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