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Sugar And Vice: Hotline Miami 2

That's what a murder house is made of

GO BIG OR GO HOME. That's the E3 motto that I just made up but I imagine it's fairly close to the instructions that studios receive from their lords and masters. A trailer is delivered and returned. "Make it louder. Make it faster. Add hyperbole. Add buzzwords. Make it bigger or go home. Also, please note that your home has been reposessed until such time as you go bigger."

Hotline Miami 2 could have spewed a hallucinogenic cocktail of violence, music and neon onto screens and into our eyes, but that would be too obvious. Instead, Miami turns up the heat by makings its E3 trailer about something entirely unexpected.

Bringing a level editor trailer to E3 is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Of course, if Hotline Miami brought a knife to a gunfight, it'd be the last participant standing, and it'd probably be wearing somebody's skin as a mask. When so many games are showing up with staged choreography and guest presenters, throwing a map editor out into the wild takes guts. Of course, if Hotline Miami was here it'd probably take your guts.

It's a violent game, is what I'm trying to say.

I realise that I'm looking forward to a new album of music more than the game. That is not a slur against the game.

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