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Early access for online action RPG Wayfinder starts this summer

An MMO with potential promise

A group of warriors face off against a metal golem with purple highlights in Wayfinder
Image credit: Digital Extremes

If you and your pals have had enough of your usual MMO haunts, why not try something new like Wayfainder? Developed by the folks behind Darksiders Genesis and Ruined King: A League Of Legends Story, Wayfinder casts you as either a rogue, a knight, a berserker, or shooty-shooty person on a quest to stop the evil Gloom from consuming the world. Early access starts this summer and you can check out the trailer from this year's Summer Game Fest for more information below.

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Every staple for an MMORPG is present. You have your world in danger, your material hoarding, tool crafting, mix of magic and melee brawling (whatever fits your preferred playstyle, of course), but is it me or does it all look a little generic? I'm not much of an MMO person, so I might not really get it.

On the other hand, our Ed got to take part in Wayfinder's closed beta and came to a similar conclusion, if a little more nuanced than me.

"Back in the day, I reckon Wayfinder would've been totally my jam," he wrote. "Beneath its generic surface is a live service game that's plenty rewarding and, crucially, makes the levelling loop fun with weighty combat. The world is genuinely stunning at times. And I do find myself getting pulled into the currency chase. But I'm unsure whether it's a fresh enough take to survive in such a competitive space, what with your Destinys and WoWs and Genshins." I will say that it's pretty though, any game that's not a smudge of brown I'll give props to.

Wayfinder doesn't have a full release date past "coming soon" but like I said before, early access will be available sometime this summer so sign-ups should be kicking off soon.

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