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Empire Of Sin's gangster crime spree kicks off today

Guys and dolls and illegal distilleries

It's almost time to make a start on your 1920s gangster career, because Empire Of Sin comes out today. The new strategy game from Paradox Interactive and Romero Games will plonk you in the shoes of a Prohibition-era crime lord to do what crime lords do best: shoot people, manage a criminal empire, and wear a fedora (cigar-smoking optional).

I call it a strategy game, because that's broadly what it is, but it has a mixture of genres thrown in there. It's a more management-style game when organising your crime ring, a turn-based XCOM-like romp when it comes to combat, and there's even an RPG-ish loot system for kitting out your mobsters.

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In his Empire Of Sin review, Tom Senior thought it was a little bloated by its mix of genres, but enjoyed the overall vibe: "The sight of a gang leader brutally shotgunning several enemy goons is only improved by some sick swing high-hat hits on an old fashion kit while horns parp happily. In these moments Empire Of Sin is a world I want to live in, but ultimately not a world I really want to manage."

If it's the mob bosses you're interested in, there are plenty of famous faces you'll get to play as - from Al Capone and Goldie Garneau, to John Romero's actual gangster gran (who has mind control powers, apparently) and Brenda Romero's grandad Paddy Donovan (who's called Frankie Donovan in-game, because Brenda thought people might not believe his real name).

You'll get to meet them all yourself later today, because Empire Of Sin hits Steam around 6pm GMT (10am PST) priced at £35/€40/$40.

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