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Empire Of Sin's first DLC will add The Fixers and their loan shark boss

Coming this year alongside the free Precinct Update

Mobster strategy game Empire Of Sin recently dropped some details about mod support and the Precinct Update coming this year. During the Paradox Interactive event today, Romero Games announced that they'll also be releasing the game's first DLC at the same time. The Make It Count DLC is going to bring a new racket, five "fixer" gangsters, and their boss Meyer Lansky. Make It Count will launch alongside the free Precinct Update later this year.

Romero revealed a quick teaser trailer for Make It Count today to introduce Lansky "the accountant". Sounds like he's also in charge of accounting for dead bodies, not just missing money.

Romero Games say that the DLC will add a set of missions telling the story of Lansky and the Fixers, which will let you unlock their loan shark racket as well.

Romero Games also recently revealed some additional details about the Precinct Update in their own announcement post. They get into some details on how your activities will affect police presence in your precincts and about the new supply lines you'll be managing between adjacent precincts. They also get into a little bit more on modding, saying that they will be "gradually" rolling out mod support starting with the Precinct Update.

"You will be able to subscribe to mods through the Steam workshop and Paradox Mods and manage them through the Paradox launcher. In the initial stages planned, the modders among you can work on text-based assets like Lua gameplay scripts, with more modding capabilities planned for the future."

The Make It Count DLC will launch sometime later this year over on Steam for £11.39/€14.99/$14.99.

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