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Empire of Sin pushes its prohibition crime spree back to autumn

Sleeping with the fishes

Stick the fedora back in the closet, gang. Empire of Sin, Romero Games' prohibition-era mob operation won't kick off its roaring spree for a few months yet. No, John and Brenda Romero haven't been taken outta the picture by a rival studio. The long arm of the law hasn't finally shuttered their backroom dealings. The devs just reckon they'll need a little more time to put their perfectly respectable business together, delaying Empire of Sin until autumn 2020.

Romero Games and publishers Paradox Interactive announced the delay in a press release earlier today. In it, Brenda Romero explained that the delay intends to give Empire of Sin's development a little more breathing room. "It takes time to get everything right and presents us with some unique opportunities. I am grateful we are taking the additional time to polish".

Ironing the suits, polishing the Tommy Guns, cooking up an extra batch of deep-dish pies and nailing that Chicago drawl. I imagine that's what they're doing, at least.

Empire of Sin was announced at last year's E3. Gunning for a release this Spring, the period crime 'em up has crime boss wannabes pitching up in Chicago to start their own mob operation. Between setting up back-alley deals, gambling rings, protection rackets and speakeasies, you'll be pitting charming goons with names like "Dotty Bacon" and "Two-Ton Clyde Malone" against each other in punchy turn-based combat.

Think XCOM, but better-dressed.

Alice Bee sat down with mob boss Brenda to talk the business of crime last year. Did you know Brenda's law-breakin' great grandpa's in the game - albeit with a slight name change to look less unbelievable Irish? It fits in with Empire of Sin's alt-history prohibition, mind. They've done their research to ensure Empire of Sin is a genuine article, sure. But the Romeros have also cobbled together a who's who of crime-lords - with notorious real-world bosses from as far away as New York and Mexico making their way to the windy city.

Assuming it can keep itself free from sleepin' with the fishes 'til then, Empire of Sin will hit Steam this autumn.

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