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Empire Of Sin's tactical crime capers commence this December

Criminally soon.

Pack an extra-thick trenchcoat and woolly fedora, readers. Empire Of Sin, the tactical prohibition crime spree from Romero Games and Paradox Interactive, is preparing to hit the streets this December. As I hear it, Chicago winters are real rough - but what better time to start extorting, shooting and smart-talking your way to the top than under the cover of a roaring blizzard?

Today's announcement was joined by a new trailer following would-be boss Goldie Garneau and the Fortune Tellers - an artsy band of crooks here to spice up the Chicago crime scene. With a name like that I reckon they've also got a strong future in rock n' roll, should this mafia lark not pan out.

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A prohibition-era crime romp from the Romeros, Empire Of Sin has looked criminally good for some time. Opening up the streets of 1920s Chicago, you'll be starting your own rackets and shakedowns, occasionally getting your hands dirty in shootouts with rival gangs out to nick your slice of the pie.

While big-name crooks make a showing in Empire Of Sin, the Romeros want to put a spotlight on less-known mob bosses. Undertakers with a darker business on the side, stage stars hiding illicit deals behind the curtains. Both Romeros even have a little family in the game - Brenda's grandpa Paddy Donovan gets a presence in the form of Frankie Donovan (his real name being almost comically Irish, Brenda told Alice Bee), while John's actual gangster gran Elvira Duarte appears with mind-controlling smoke powers. It's still a game, after all.

With today's announcement, pre-orders for Empire Of Sin have gone live - and they come with their own pre-order exclusive (boo) mission and recruitable gangster, Cyril McRae. There's also the usual Deluxe and Premium Editions, which wouldn't be super notable save for the addition of "Romero gun sounds". I'm speculating, but stomping through the roaring twenties with a bit-crushed super shotty? That'd be grand, aye.

Empire Of Sin arrives on Steam this December 1st for £35/€40/$40.

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