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Be a pig farmer who's done hiding bodies for the mob in Adios today

Time to feed your pigs something a bit nicer

You're on your pig farm, just hanging out, when a truck full of bodies rolls up. A pretty normal day for you really, you've been doing the mob's dirty work for years, letting your piggies feast on whoever those mobsters were annoyed at this week. But what if you didn't want to be part of it anymore? The new first-person game Adios will explore exactly that, and it launched today.

Developed and published by the studio Mischief, and written by Doc Burford (who previously wrote Paratopic), Adios plonks you in the shoes of a pig farmer who has a tough decision to make.

The game takes place over a day that should be fairly normal to you. The body delivery is here, as is your old pal who just so happens to be a hitman. But you've had enough of this life, and have finally worked up the courage to say "no more" to your friend.

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Alas, there is no such thing as quitting the mob. You'll spend the day with this hitman, talking and doing mundane farm tasks as he tries to convince you not to leave. If he fails to do so, he knows he'll have to kill you.

It's a tense and intriguing premise - just watching the trailer makes me feel uneasy. It's similar to how I felt when I played Paratopic. Just one long drawn out day where not much happens until the very end. Will something dramatic happen at the end of Adios? I don't know! But it's out right now, so I don't have to wait long to find out.

You can grab it on Steam for £14/€15/$18, or for $18 (which gives you both a Steam key and a download). It's also available on Xbox consoles.

The devs say there were a few launch bugs, such as goats not always following the correct pathing which can cause them to float. Mischief have already done a patch to sort some things, though it's unclear exactly what it fixed.

More importantly however, they also say that if they sell 5000 copies in a month they'll add a Big Head Mode to this very serious game. Then if they sell 10,000 by this time next month, they'll add a Big Horse Mode in which "a mountain-sized horse observes you all game". Get on it, people.

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