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Become a mob-defying pig farmer in Adios this month

This little piggy might eat a mobster

It gets to a point in a pig farmer's life where he has to think long and hard about the health benefits of feeding them chopped-up mob victims. In Adios, you've reached that point - though I imagine the morals of it all are probably on your mind too. Adios is a first-person game about a complicated decision. You don't want to be the mob's disposal guy anymore, but it's the sort of work people don't leave without being disposed of themselves. It looks tense and intriguing and comes out on March 17th.

The game is developed and published by studio Mischief, and written by Doc Burford, the writer of Paratopic. You can feel some of the same uneasiness of that game in this trailer.

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Adios puts you in the shoes of a pig farmer who's been getting rid of the bodies the mob sends you for years. But when a new delivery arrives along with an old friend (who happens to be a hitman), you finally pluck up the courage to tell him you're done.

"Your friend doesn't want you to stop," reads the Steam page. "He knows that there's no such thing as quitting, so he'll try to convince you that you're making a mistake. You spend the day together, doing chores and exploring the nooks and crannies of an authentic environment in the American Midwest alongside the man who will be forced to kill you, if he can't convince you to stay."

Like Paratopic, this seems like the sort of game that will keep you on edge right until the bitter end. That game had a sense of mundanity to it, yet still made me feel so tense the entire time. You know something is wrong, but you just have to keep going. It's a great way of telling a story, and I'm eager to see how Adios keeps that tension flowing too.

Adios launches on March 17th on Steam and Xbox consoles.

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