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Endless Endlessness Pt 2: Dungeon Of The Endless

The endless endlessness, it never ends! In the beginning, there was Endless Space, and it was endlessly space-y. Recently, we also told you of Endless Legend, which is another 4X strategy set in the same universe, only all fantasy-fied. But let's not forget about Dungeon of the Endless, which Amplitude teased shortly before getting sucked into the time-distorting, endlessly cacophonous Gamescom hypehole. At that point, all we had to go on was a rather painfully un-endless trailer, which cut off right before we found out what was HASHTAG BEHIND THE DOOR WOOOOOOO. But now... oh, now we know. And I can guarantee that you will be shocked and surprised probably.

OK, so that was actually a pretty brilliant way of making fun of horror tropes and dumb hashtag hype campaigns. Thanks, Amplitude. Thamplitude.

The game itself is thematic and mechanical smoothie - a sumptuously blended fusion of sci-fi and fantasy, roguelike and tower defense. You'll be able to pick from 30 different characters, all of whom were prisoners before their jail barge careened into Planet Randomized Doom in the General Unpleasantness Sector. You'll meet other characters too, and they might give you a helping hand, or perhaps they'll grip your frayed fingers just long enough to put a space knife between your ribs.

Doors, meanwhile, are actually central to the game's structure - and not simply because they're what you walk through to reach new places (see also: every videogame ever). The idea is that each area begins with a door, and you have to plan and strategize as much as humanly possible before punching it off its hinges. What lies behind it? It's impossible to know for sure, so always be ready for the worst. On top of that, you have a generator to defend, so placing gadgets and building up a strong defense is also key. Then you repeat the process, door after door after door.

It sounds really interesting, and I love the style, humor, and general tone. I would very much like to play it, and apparently I (and I suppose all other humans) will be able to do so when Dungeon of the Endless hits Steam Early Access later this year.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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