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Enemy Starfighter Trailer Drums Space Battles Into You

Play it at PAX Prime.

Enemy Starfighter is a roguelike Starfox-like: roguelike, in the sense that each galaxy and its enemies are randomly generated and that there is permadeath; Starfox-like, in the sense that it skips some of the fidelity and simulation of Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen in favour of a game more concerned with pure piloting and combat. As I wrote back in April, it at times feels more like you're flying a gun than a spaceship.

Let the new trailer below explain.

To continue this modern naming scheme, the visual style makes it a Homeworld-like, while its native support for Oculus Rift (and the DK2) makes it, er, trendy-like. My question is: what happens when videogames have provided all the fundamental fantasies - like being a spaceship pilot - and they're all procedurally generated and therefore theoretically infinite? I think maybe we'll just have to shut the industry down, because there will be no more dreams to make.

Not before we get Enemy Starfighter, of course. There's no word on a release date, though plans were that it should launch into Early Access sometime this summer.

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