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Up In The Sky! - It's An Excellent Enemy Starfighter Trailer

Focus pocus

It is the year 2014, and somehow on our wobbly stacks of gamerly plates we have more space games than we know what to do with. I refuse to look this (largely crowdfunded) gift horse-shaped starship in the terribly located exhaust port that resembles a mouth. That said, many of said spacefarers - Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Limit Theory, etc - are shooting for the stars with massive Do Everything Be Everything universes, and there's something to be said for focus. That's what the brilliant-looking Enemy Starfighter offers in spades. Each level sees you pre-plan your leap into a system from a top-down strategic map and then execute it from the cockpit with squad in tow. It's a magnificently svelte concept, and there's a new trailer of it in action below.

The Oculus-Rift-enabled space smart-o-blaster is being developed by ex-Bungie developer Mike Tipul, and it looks to be coming along swimmingly.

Here's the basic premise, for those only just leaping into Enemy Starfighter's geosyn-kill-nus orbit:

"The Penitent Crusade has lasted for 30 years and you’ve led the Emperor’s Harbinger Fleet for most of it. Your mission is always simple: Jump ahead into a system where you will most certainly be outnumbered, cripple it, and pave the way for the Armada to hang in the skies above the enemy home world like storm clouds and offer terms: submit or be purified."

I bet the player character will be a Really Nice Guy.

Enemy Starfighter still doesn't have a release date, but I personally am hoping for tomorrow, two hours ago, or the day the Sega Saturn released in North America.

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