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Showing Some Love To Enemy Starfighter


A thing that always irked me is the "No love for XXXXXX XXXXX?" comments on articles. I write a thing, look at the comments for people to point out how handsome I am (and my many, many flubs), but what do I see? Someone arrogantly proposing to understand my emotional framework. Ooh, it hurts me feelings it does. So I'm going to propose a new way of doing it. Instead of viciously prodding at a hole in my knowledge and demanding emotional resonance, you should instead write: "That is a game that reminds me of XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, and I'd love you all to know about it." And I will respond with a fist-bump. And, yes, I did discover Enemy Starfighter in such a comment. Oh alright. Do what you want, but take a look at the latest videos of the Mike Tipul's fabulous looking space combat game, because I imagine there's love in your heart for it.

That Nathan has already pre-loved it for us, but that was back in December and it's received a fair amount of space wax since then. It still has that cool Homeworld aesthetic, but everything looks nippier and explodier as you lance through space into enemy territory. It has my favourite thing: ships coming out of warp just beside the player.

It is a very focused game of blasting people in space and ordering your squad around, though the notion seems to be that you're doing so to clear people out of the way for your full invading force to arrive. Should I be showing love to a game where I'm a meanie? I probably shouldn't, but the action in this incredi-brief trailer from August is enticing.

And the question everyone asks about space combat games nowadays is answered in this footage.

He apparently has a playable build and it would definitely not find its way onto the internet should he decide to allow me to play it. That is a promise

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