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Episodic adventure Tell Me Why is free to keep for all of Pride Month

Life Is Strange developers have an annual tradition going

Tyler stretches his arms and faces the sky in Tell Me Why
Image credit: Xbox Game Studios

Continuing their annual tradition, developer Don’t Nod have announced that all three episodes of Tell Me Why will be free to keep for the rest of June. Rather than spending money on the game, the team asks that you might consider donating that money to “trans creators, trans-inclusive charities local to you, and trans people in need,” in honour of Pride Month. Regardless, the supernatural mystery is one of the best recent adventure games and is well worth the time.

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Alongside giving away the game, the studio have also made Tell Me Why available to new audiences. “We’re thrilled to share that Tell Me Why is now available in Singapore… and in Ukraine on PC Game Pass and Steam,” the studio announced on Twitter. Some anti-LGBTQ laws prevented Tell Me Why from releasing in certain countries when it first launched, although that’s happily been rectified in Ukraine and Singapore, at least.

Tell Me Why follows two estranged siblings - Aly and Tyler - who reconnect and use their twin-telepathy superpowers to untangle a hazy traumatic event from their childhoods. If you enjoyed the developers' past work in Life Is Strange, this one has all the melodrama, snug vibes, and emotional gut punches you might expect from them.

“It's less dramatic than some of Dontnod's other outings (and probably not for those with short attention spans given the pacing),” AliceB wrote in her Tell Me Why review, “but Tell Me Why remains a good entry in their the library of stories about families and sad magic - and it's probably the most hopeful one yet.”

You can grab it on Steam, free for the rest of the month. It’s also available on Game Pass in the event that you read this after June.

If you’re looking for other ways to support queer creators, the Queer Games Bundle on is back this year, offering hundreds of indie games. In case that seems intimidating, I recently highlighted a few of the especially cool-looking ones here.

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