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Escape From Tiger Island: Far Cry 3's Open World

Far Cry 3 definitely isn't the second coming of Far Cry 2, but the more I see of it, the more I'm actually pretty OK with that. It's big, loud, and over-the-top, but - to hear its lead writer tell it - with a nicely subversive point. Also, there are tigers. Last time I played a demo, I tried to turn them on my enemies, but instead, they traded our five-second-long allegiance for my jugular. Then I caught on fire and died. Which is a long-winded way of saying combat seems nicely open, and - if a new trailer's any indication - the world itself will have a breadth of options to match.

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OK, so that voice-over track tried desperately to ruin everything ("It's waiting to pounce on you faster than rising gasoline prices"? What?), but the game proper still looks pretty promising. I'm especially digging the variety in locations available for us to get killed by tigers and fire in. I mean, in the trailer alone, I saw mountains to climb, ruins to explore, partially submerged caverns to dive into, and all sorts of terrain to hang-glide over. Don't get me wrong: I absolutely loved Far Cry 2's more grounded approach, but I can't deny the appeal of a highly flammable tropical playground.

And that ties back into FC3's "game about games" message that I really, really, really hope isn't just lip service to Far Cry 2 fans, too. Apparently, characters will acknowledge that you've been stealing cars and hunting relics instead of saving them, so you'll have your nice little murder vacation, but you won't necessarily feel good about it.

It'll be out on November 29 - barring any of the tragically typical Ubidelay silliness. If all goes according to plan, though, I'll be seeing it again this weekend at PAX, aka Nathan Vs Tigers II: Rumble In The Jungle In Seattle.

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