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The truck of nightmares


I want you to do three things before you watch the below. First, I want you to reassure anyone else in your household or workplace that they are perfectly safe, no matter what they might hear. Then I want you to turn your volume up very loud indeed. Finally, I want you to imagine yourself not as the driver of the truck you will see, but as the driver of the small, cream-coloured car in front of it.

A lonely freeway, late at night. No sound but the thrum of your engine. And then.

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This is the traumatic result of an audio mod for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, which replaces the default horn sound with the otherworldly horror-honk of the aliens from Speilberg's War Of The Worlds adaptation.

I have little-to-no interest in that movie, by-the-by. What I am very interested in is becoming the trucker of nightmares, terrifying the life out of innocent motorists as I howl along the night roads. Imagine experiencing this in real life. Hell, imagine experiencing this without warning in an ATS/ETS2 multiplayer mod (which, sadly, do not support it as yet).

If you want to use it yourself, it's the work of wisco01 and can be added to ATS via the Steam Workshop here, or here for the ETS2 version. Note that you'll have to activate it in Mod Manager when you fire up the game too.

For the record, I clicked through to it hoping from the name that it would make my horn play the unforgettable ULLA sound from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds.

Watch on YouTube

I live in hope.

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