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EVE Online Roadmap Details Updates Through Spring

Found in space

When you set off on an inter-stellar road trip, packing the right supplies is important. "Did you pack the crisps, lieutenant?" "Yes." "Sandwiches?" "Yes!" "Roadmap?" "Oh, bollocks, I've left it on top of the piano in the mess hall." Luckily, EVE Online [official site] developers CCP are better-prepared and have published a roadmap detailing a number of new features that will come to fruition between now and an early spring expansion. Hop below for a video of executive producer Andie "CCP Seagull" Nordgren explaining them.

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Whereas the technical tweaks sound promising - server updates, balancing revisions and graphical updates - the more superficial details, such as rust and dirt gathering on older space crafts, and the idea of PvP kill tallies adorned to battle-scarred ships, have me really excited.

In case you missed it above, Nordgren had this to say on not rushing into the update, which sounds reassuring: "We looked at our plans for shipping a first more limited version of Citadels in December. Even if we could do that, we felt we would be repeating some of what we haven't liked so well in the past year that split up bigger changes and shipped them in little parts. We think cap ships, the largest sized citadels where you can doc them, the new service modules, citadel weapons, new gameplay; all of these need to go together in a proper expansion to EVE Online, they're really part of the same ecosystem. We hope you think it's worth the wait."

The EVE Vegas player gathering is just around the corner - taking place between October 23-25 - so expect an official reveal then. In the meantime, you can read our recent feature on the propagandists who fuel wars in EVE Online.

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