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Even More Total: Free Napoleon DLC

Creative Assembly seem pretty determined to court back all the guys who got a bit antsy with them about the state Empire was released in. Napoleon scrubbed up well, which seems to have upped the good will quotient, and now as an extra thank-you-please-thank-you, they've chucked out a free DLC pack for it.

The Imperial Guard pack contains six new units - the Polish Guard Lancers, the Dutch Guard Lancers, the Guard Chasseurs à Cheval, Dutch Grenadiers, the Guard Seamen (giggle) and the Empress Dragoons. There are some eyewateringly-detailed biographies of all these fine fellows over here.

Also! You can play through an alternative version of the Battle of Waterloo. I became slightly excited when I read that, hoping it meant an alien invasion or a steampunk Napoleon, but no, it's just that you can play it from the British perspective. Alternative? Pah. I see everything from a British perspective as it is. I don't need DLC being all polite, repressed and cynical too.

Not a bad gobbet of free, anyway - and it's rare positive example of DLC, though perhaps it's in the same vein as Dragon Age / Mass Effect 2's kill-the-resale market policy. On which note, some guy's suing Gamestop for selling second-hand copies of Dragon Age, arguing that because you have to stump up for the 'free' DLC on resale versions, the total cost winds up being more than buying a brand new box. Which is an interesting argument. The net result, I suspect, will be big red stickers slapped onto second-hand games which loudly declare this is the case.

Oh, and back to Napoleon quickly - it's currently selling for a 10% mark-down on Steam.

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