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Every new PC trailer shown at Thunderful World

Including a new SteamWorld, Cursed To Golf, and more

Thunderful World took place tonight. It offered a look at several games from Thunderful, the biggest of which was a new SteamWorld third-person co-op action game. Below you'll find that and every other game from the show that is headed to PC.

SteamWorld Headhunter

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SteamWorld leaps to another new genre, and this time it's a third-person co-op action platformer. There's very little known about it at this stage, but it takes place right after the events SteamWorld Dig 2 and it seems to involve being able to detach your head. Interesting! Every SteamWorld game so far has been great, and it's great they're making another.

The Gunk

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The Gunk is a third-person action adventure from the creators of SteamWorld. It takes place on a planet swamped by a corrosive goo, and as you explore, you must vacuum and craft in order to survive. There was some new footage during the full Thunderful World presentation, which you can watch here at 26:26, but it's not currently available to embed separately so the video above is from this year's Gamescom. The new news, meanwhile, is that The Gunk will launch on December 16th.


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Wavetale was surprise-launched on Stadia today. It's a third-person action adventure in which you play Sigrid, a girl who can run and slide on water, with platforming and combat taking place on islands and ruins you discover. Its movement has a lovely sense of momentum in the trailer above. It'll come to PC properly in 2022.


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Pronounced "Tog - Ess", Togges is a puzzle platformer in which you seem to control a roomba who can spread, stack, and hoover-up cubes. With this toolset, you solve physicsy traversal puzzles across "open-ended levels", with environments including a futuristic city and "a realm made entirely of carrot cake." It has a Steam page but no release date yet.

White Shadows

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It feels reductive to refer to games as a "Limbo-like", but what else do you call a starkly lit, monochromatic cinematic platformer with a pint-sized protagonist dodging traps and pushing physics objects? While maybe not original, White Shadows does still look impressive, with some lovely environment design. I'm also really interested in the swarms of things that crowd round the bird protagonist.

There's not long to wait before I can get swarmed myself: White Shadows will release on Steam on December 7th.

Cursed To Golf

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This was my favourite of everything shown during Thunderful World. Cursed To Golf is a side-on golf-like, in which a "recently deceased golf champion" is trapped in golf purgatory. Since its purgatory, the courses contain more explosive obstacles than sand traps, and there are "ace cards" you can deploy to, for example, deploy a steerable rocketball to help your journey towards the hole. You'll also encounter three spectral caddies from whom you can buy items from. It looks like daft fun, and the narrated trailer does a good job of explaining why.

Cursed To Golf is due to launch on PC in 2022.


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Swordship is described as a "dodge 'em up" by its developers; basically, a shoot 'em up without the shooting. So, a bullet hell? A bit, yeah, but with its high-speed chases and side-to-side dodging it also reminds me of those old Formula 1 Game & Watches. In this case, markings appear to show where an attack is about to hit and you have to swerve or dive to avoid it. Honestly, I found the trailer hard to follow, but I like the art style. Swordship is due for release in 2022.

The other major news from the show is that SteamWorld Dig 2 is free to keep until tomorrow afternoon.

If you want to see the full show, with all the between-trailer Hamill parts that made me cringe, plus some montages of smaller games, you can watch it below:

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