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Fable III To Reach PC?

Rumours are afoot that Fable III may be making its way to the PC. During Lionhead head Peter Molyneux's GDC chat with Gamespot yesterday, he referred to "platforms" for the new game in the plural, and that doesn't really leave a lot of options. The Microsoft-owned developer is not particularly likely to aid their competition with a PS3 or Wii version (although you'd have to think a Wii port of the Fable series would be a 400ft golden egg-laying goose made of diamonds), which leaves the PC as the only viable Microsoft-supported place for the game to be. The original Fable made it to the PC after a lengthy delay, although Fable II stayed exclusively on the wheezing white crate. You can see him drop the hint on the video we've tucked in below. And even more clues too.

The relevant moment starts after the fourth minute, for those wanting to skip ahead.

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VG247 points out another clue. According to Blues News yesterday, a job posting appeared for the Fable developers that was then quickly edited. It originally read that the job:

"involves converting and maintaining the network code of the Xbox 360 version of this game to the PC, and enabling the Xbox 360 version and the PC version to play together."

Will Natal be involved? What sort of integration between games are they intending to create? Eh? Of course, this is Peter Molyneux, so this information could more appropriately be interpreted to mean that the game is going to be a Sega Megadrive exclusive, where you play as a beam of light trapped in a pillow. In Cantonese.

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