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Teddy Bear Swapsies & Drunken Tomfoolery In Fallout 4

Charisma explained

The other day I grumped a little at the idea of our dutifully posting all seven of the Fallout 4 [official site] S.P.E.C.I.A.L. videos over the coming weeks, but you lot rightfully called me out on my cynicism. These cute animated shorts are doing a handy job of summarising Fallout's systems and general attitude.

So here's the fourth one then, this time looking at that most alien of concepts to me, Charisma. I particularly liked its depiction of Ye Archetypal Roleplaying Inn.

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It's bittersweet that Fallout 4 is unlikely to have quite this level of wit and whismy outside of Vault Boy cutscenes and whatnot, but I'm pretty sure I'll be in love with it if I can make a snarling thug smile by giving him a teddy bear. And I'll never say no to a naked bear fight.

Three more of these to go, anyway. The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is potentially more important to Fallout 4 than ever, given that they recently announced they're dispensing with the traditional Fallout Skills system in favour of expanded Perks.

Fallout 4 is released on November 10th - a little over a month away. As if you didn't know that already, eh?

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