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Fantastical action-RPG No Place For Bravery is out early next year, gets blood all over its trailer

Fat blood

No Place For Bravery was revealed an entire four years ago, which is a long time, as it goes. NPFB (if you'll allow me an inelegant abbreviation) has shyly peeked around the PC Gaming Show curtain with a new trailer. Alice0 remarked on the sense of terrible scale on display when it was first announced, and though that hasn't changed, a few other things have. In any case, this top-down, fast paced and extremely gory action-RPG is about ready to take itself out of the oven: it's coming Q1 2021.

Have a butcher's at the trailer below. And butcher's is right, since, despite being rendered in little pixels and the camera being at a fair old distance, you can somehow see the innards splashes of gore in lovely detail. Honestly, it's like someone slaughtered a pig in here. Tch.

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By developers Glitch Factory and published by Ysbryd Games (publishers of family favourites VA-11 HALL-A and World Of Horror), No Place For Bravery tells the tale of Thorn, a sad murder dad, who is looking for his daughter Leaf (their family is obviously one of those ones that has a weird name tradition thing). This "looking for" involves fighting lots of large, horrible enemies much bigger than himself. The fighting is evidently quite quick and flashy, and, as mentioned, a lot of blood gets everywhere. Also what looks like acid.

This was originally conceived as a roguelike, but in the intervening half-a-decade it's been retooled a bit, so read Alice0's previous write up with that in mind. At one point it looked like there were different characters with multiple classes, but they don't appear to be around any more. The original trailer has been made private, and the devlog has been quiet since 2017, so it's hard to say what's been changed or added when. According to the Matheus Queiroz, developer at Glitch Factory "Multiple members of the team had to deal with toxic relationships and absent parents. “Through the trials and tribulations of our lives, including the long road of development, we have persevered."

You might notice that Thorn goes on these adventures whilst piggybacking a child, so if anything I'd say he's taking hands on parenting too seriously. A press release informs me that this is in fact his "disabled foster son Phid". This seems an odd way to raise someone, but maybe it was too short notice to get a babysitter.

Interested parties can wishlist on Steam now, or go to the official site for more.

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