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Big Slip: Far Cry 3's Release Date A Far Cry From Reality

Not that it will be a surprise to Rock, Paper, Shotgun readers, all familiar with my legacy, the Walker Principal*, but the release date for Far Cry 3 has just slipped by almost three months. It's now at the end of November. Perhaps a touch ironic, after Nathan recently reported for us that the PC version would be launched alongside the consoles. It turns out what they meant by that was, "not at all, for a bit."

30th November is now the planned UK release, so presumably it'll be the 28th in the States. It was originally going to be the 4th/6th of September. Thankfully, they've again confirmed that this includes the PC too. (Although Ubisoft have quite a strong record of saying this, then announcing a week before release that they didn't mean it. Let's hope it's true this time.)

Also in this update is news that Rocksmith (who?) will now be on the 19th October for PCs, meaning the consoles will have been smithing rocks for three weeks already.

*For those catching up, the Walker Principle works like this:

Where n is the initially stated release date for a game, n = a load of old bollocks.

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