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Far Cry 5 fan map takes us back to Jurassic Park

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I was not the biggest fan of Far Cry 5. I found it fun-ish if deeply to completely flawed and if I ever have to do a Pilotwings mission in a sandbox murdersim again I'll lose my mind. Also, I'm pretty tired of killing dogs and I'm equally tired of drug addiction as a trope to motivate bad guys in games. I have thoughts and they are legion. I was still somewhat kinder in my evaluation than my RPS colleagues who (rightly) lambasted it for a terrible story and perhaps the worst ending in video game history. That said, from the moment I loaded up the user maps and map editor on day one, I claimed that this was going to be the most interesting part of Far Cry 5 moving forward. And that's most of what I've been playing ever since. This Jurassic Park map should show you why.

Far Cry 5 user maps have included lots of Alan Wake-ish dream logic stuff, which I found very cool, but nothing has held a candle to this exceptionally detailed recreation of Isla Nublar from 1993's Jurassic Park. It has everything from the raptor paddocks to the visitor center to yes... even the goat. Around the point you hit the flares Ian was holding that are still burning next to the T-Rex fence, you'll realize just how much work went into this.

Check out footage from the map below:

Cover image for YouTube video

That's incredible right? You can download the map and give it a spin right here. I can't seem to log-in to my Ubisoft account right now, so if anyone can let us know in the comments who deserves credit for this piece of art, that would be super chill.

The Jurassic World has also invaded the League of Rockets this week. And then there's the cancelled CryEngine fan game Jurassic Park: Aftermath that stopped work in 2015, but still looks suuuuuper pretty.

If dinopark isn't your jam, maybe check out this somewhat equally impressive map from the TV show Lost. I thought it was good but also you can use more of Far Cry's default assets to build an island that really just needs a bunker and some tents. Not that I could ever make anything even remotely like this. Let me re-iterate how impressed I am, I just got blown out of the water by how great the JP island was.

Cover image for YouTube video

Also, if none of this has sold you on trying out Arcade Mode, I must insist you give Fred Durst Island a spin.

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