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Feeling Perky: Fallout 3

Do you want to design a perk to be included in Fallout 3? Well, Bethesda's Fallout 10 year anniversary compo will be of clear and obvious interest to you.

Sadly, unless you're actually one of Bethesda's designers, your freshly-inspired perk-creating desires are going to be completely thwarted, as it's already finished and the winners have been announced. The top entry is somewhat uninspiring at first glance ("Grim Reaper's Sprint: Everytime you kill an opponent, all your action points are automatically restored."), especially compared to some of the other amusing ones ("Crazy Eye: Opponents attacking from the front suffer a penalty to hit you because, seriously, that eye is freaking me out"). That is, until you notice the winners name: Marc-Andre Deslongchamps. Let's repeat that, with italics: Marc-Andre Deslongchamps.

Frankly, if you've got a choice of awarding a prize to someone not called Marc-Andre Deslongchamps and someone who is called Marc-Andre Deslongchamps, you go with Marc-Andre Deslongchamps every single time, if only for the thrill of posting such a brilliant name. Marc-Andre Deslongchamps! Fuck yeah.

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