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Final episode of Steve Gaynor's Tone Control podcast released

Steve Gaynor's season two wraps

Way, way back at the beginning of Kickstarter, I threw some money at a new podcast called Idle Thumbs. I didn't know this would lead to Steve Gaynor going on to become One Of Those Big Game Names, but it didn't matter because it seemed like a really cool concept made by cool people. Idle Thumbs became a podcast network and now, after two excellent seasons, Gaynor's show Tone Control has come to an end. The final episode is excellent, but all of the episodes are worth remembering and revisiting, as the lessons and stories of game developers talking about game design are fascinating and oddly timeless.

Gaynor is, of course, the guy behind Gone Home and Tacoma.

The final episode has a guest who feels like a natural end point for Gaynor's journey: business partner Karla Zimonja.

We've been through a lot together, Karla and I. And now, in what seems a fitting series finale for Tone Control, my business and creative partner sits down with me at the Fullbright office for a long conversation about her background in TV animation, how we came to cross paths in the games industry, and what we've made together. That's it, folks. Thank you for listening.

My absolute favorite episode was back in 2014, when Steve talked to Gunpoint creator Tom Francis about his games, mods, Crusader: No Remorse, FEAR, and a bunch of other dumb great stuff. You can find that episode here.

You can find all of the episodes of the show by clicking here.

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