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Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker arrives this autumn to end the MMO's story

Will also involve travelling to the moon

Final Fantasy 14's next expansion is called Endwalker, and it's coming this autumn. Revealed during a livestream last night, the expansion to the long-running MMO will also bring its story to a close while sending players to the moon. The teaser trailer makes me want to play this game I've never touched before.

Seriously, check out this trailer. I don't know what the significance of a lot of things in it are, but I can tell that they are significant. It's giving me secondhand hype.

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Final Fantasy 14 has been praised a lot for its story over the past few years, which has been expanding since A Realm Reborn launched back in 2013. Where most expansions to the game have continued that story with a significant new chapter, and then wrapped up that chapter over a handful of subsequent updates, Endwalker is bringing the whole story to a close when it launches in autumn with update 6.0. Update 6.1 will then begin a new story.

Endwalker will increase the level cap from 80 to 90, add new areas including dungeons, residential districts and a high-difficulty raid, and will add multiple new jobs, FF14's equivalent of classes. One of those jobs, a healing role called Sage, was revealed during the announcement stream.

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Sage can heal and protect teammates with protective barriers, but also deals damage with four levitating blades and magic spells. You'll need to have one job already levelled to 70 before you can try Sage.

Ahead of Endwalker's release, patch 5.5 will be released on April 13th to bridge the gap from the last expansion, Shadowbringers.

There are a few more details about the Endwalker expansion at its teaser site, or you can watch the full announcement stream below. More details will come at Final Fantasy Digital Fan Fest, scheduled for May 15th-16th. We sent Brendy to the fan fest back in 2018. We also spoke to some of the game's best interior designers last year.

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