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Boys are back in town: Final Fantasy XV PC demo is out

Guess who just got back today

Boys, boys, boys, I'm looking for a good time. That's why I'm downloading the demo for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, which just launched. The demo contains the RPG's first chapter so we can meet those boys, boys, boys and see how their road trip starts. And hopefully it'll let us see how the game might actually run on our PCs, given that the benchmarking tool released earlier this month is wonky and Square Enix say it "may not accurately reflect the game's final performance". For now: boys.

The demo contains the tutorial and the first chapter, which sadly is before the anime boyband roadtrip antics are in full swing. It's available now through Steam, Origin, and Microsoft's Store. The download size is 18.7GB, and Squeenix note that it includes the high-res (and high-filesize) 4K textures that will be an optional download in the full game.

Hopefully this is more technically sound than the benchmark. As Squeenix explained, the benchmark suffers framerate stuttering and level-of-detail issues. They said that "both of the issues will be addressed in the shipping game," and hopefully in this demo too? I guess I'll find out in ooh about an hour at this download speed.

While it seems everyone else round here has played FFXV on consoles and has strong opinions on such important questions as "Which dinner is the prettiest dinner?" and "Which boy in the boyband is the best boy?" I've hovered around with only a peripheral knowledge, so I'm glad to start forming my own opinions now. As for informed opinions, Katharine has played the PC version and chatted with some devs too.

The full version of Final Fantasy XV is due to hit PC next Tuesday, March 6th. The Steam version is getting a Gordon Freeman costume because sure, why not?

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