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Final Fantasy XVI's protagonist is named Clive


From the fantasy RPG series which brought you such striking protagonist names as Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart, and Noctis Lucis Caelum comes a new hero: Clive Rosfield. Yep, the star of Final Fantasy XVI is named Clive. Clive! A classic dad name. "Unexpected events set Clive on a dark and dangerous road to revenge," Square Enix say. Perhaps someone at the IT consultancy firm where he's middle management ate his yogurt, or the next-door neighbour parked their car two inches onto his driveway. Clive!!

This info comes with the launch of Final Fantasy XVI's website, which offers a bit more info on the game's world and a few characters. It's set in the land of Valisthea, home to the vast glimmering Mothercrystals that fuel magic. Various kingdoms, duchies, and republics have grown around each Mothercrystal, and they've come to live at peace until the coming of something called "the blight". I picked up Dragon Age vibes when I first saw FFXVI's trailer (though Katharine thought of FFXV), and this only encourages that. Though the name Clive does undercut drama.

Clive! I would love to know how this was chosen as the English name. Look, the Council Of Alices are wary of encouraging assumptions about people from their names, but Clive has an undeniable energy. Alice Bee acutely observed it's the name of a mate's dad, always someone else's dad. I'm sure that together, reader dear, we can define the qualities of Clive. I'll start: card-carrying member of the Campaign for Real Ale who's a bit bitter about the fashions of modern ale.

Final Fantasy XVI is officially only announced for PlayStation 5 so far, though Sony's PS5 Showcase stream said it was on PC too so who the hell knows. A real mess of retracted PC announcements that night, with Demon's Souls too. I assume it's a timed exclusive? We can wait. That's another Clive quality: acting like they're patient, but then they're always snippy if you are late. Okay, what else?

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