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First XCOM 2 DLC Inbound, But No Perfomance Fix Yet

DIY Suicide Squad

Well, in fairness, they've still got a week to squeak out a much-needed fix for the otherwise great XCOM 2 [official site]'s assorted technical issues before the Anarchy's Children DLC arrives next week. They might yet do right by us. Leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth to even be talking about flogging extra content before the base game's fully ship-shape, though - especially as said extra content makes me twist my lips into a sort of bemused pout. I really dig XCOM 2's current and generous character customisation options, which manage to be playful without capsizing into arbitrary weirdness. I'm not sure the same can be said about the Anarchy's Children pack of cosmetic add-ons.

Due March 17 and selling either for $4.99/£3.99 on its own or as part of the $19.99/£15.99 Reinforcement Pack season pass thinger, Anarchy's Children compromises around 100 new customisation options - "new hair styles, face paints, armor, lower face props, decals, helmets, masks and more". As you can see, it's departed entirely from the concept of 'co-ordinated military resistance' and gone Full Saint's Row. I'm not at all averse to more options, or even to wilder ones, but I just feel like a lighter touch was needed. This is maybe a bit too DeviantArt.

Or maybe I'm just bitter that mine is one of the many PCs that XCOM 2 brings to its knees (and also that I get the notorious last-level lightshow) and I don't like to see people who haven't had problems being treated to new stuff before poor unfortunates such as I are seen to. Who knows?

Still a week to go, anyway: a day and date patch/DLC release would make a ton of sense, from a goodwill point of view. 2K do say that "Additionally, we’re preparing a patch that will include performance optimizations and gameplay bug fixes" but stop short, once again, of giving a date for it.

Anarchy's Children is out in a week, anyway - a few more details here. Fingers crossed that they're just showing off the most outlandish stuff they can for marketing's sake, and that the reality will be getting to apply more restrained tweaks and variety to our beloved, doomed XCOMmers. I'm down with the mohawk, at the very least. I admit that the new stuff doesn't look quite so garish in this other screenshot: I guess no-one's going to be forced to make a squad of Harley Quinns:

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