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Flight Check: Take On Helicopters Released

Take On Helicopters, Bohemia Entertainment's civilian helicopter sim, has landed. Or taken off. Or remains hovering, terrifying, in the air, threatening to remove fingers from waving hands. Our lovely Tim was quite taken with it and now you can be too. It's on Steam for $49.99 or £31.99 and is also available on a whole crate-load of international distributors. Tim recommended it for anyone with even a passing interest in flight sims, so fire up those rotors and watch out for crosswinds. The release trailer's fuelling up after the jump, and features footage of some thrilling low-altitude flights through the tree line.

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Wasn't that exciting? I want to see more of Tom's relationship with his friend at the beginning there. Throttle up high to fix wrecked friendships. Barrel roll to order another round. Pitch left to remember the good times, and let's not allow distance to ruin things again. I love you, man.

I know. I love you too.

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