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Fortnite's apocalypse enters overtime as Season 10 steals one more week

Time's up

Fortnite's latest patch delays the inevitable. Oh, the end is still very much nigh for Battle Royale Season 10 - the apocalypse has just been pushed back a week, is all. Rather than ending this Sunday, October 6th, Fortnite's tenth season will now come to a close one week later on October 13th. Epic Games haven't quite revealed why Season 11 has been pushed back. Is it a delay, or an overly elaborate fake-out planned from the very start. Regardless, there's plenty to be getting on with during the extra week.

To fill the stolen time, a new Out Of Time mission hits Fortnite: Battle royale on October 8th through 13th. The new mission brings new challenges to unlock the last of Season 10's goodies - the usual grab-bag of XP boosts, outfits, and a commemorative loading screen to hang on the digital mantlepiece.

Every season must come to an end, though, and it sounds 10 is going with a bang. Dataminers have uncovered hints at an event named The End (thanks, Fortnite Tracker). From what I gather, a shady bloke named The Visitor has been constructing a rocket for the last few weeks, and it's due to launch at the close of Season 10. When it does, another cataclysmic event will suck everyone into a black hole at the centre of the map and pull them into a singularity, bringing the season to a sudden end.

Meanwhile, remember Kevin? Fortnite's floatin' explodin' purple cube? He's back, and some speculate his trip back home might constitute a countdown. Confused? I'm right there with you.

So what comes after the end? Nosey fans reckon a fresh map or soft reset is in store for Fortnite. While each season mixes devastates a corner of the map with a new landmark, town, climate or Gotham City itself, murder island is starting to look a bit of a mess. Perhaps it's time to clean things up a little.

Sleuthing around in the game's files has revealed 12 aggressively alliterative new location names.

At this point, who knows what Season 11 will entail? Fortnite has already done time travel, interdimensional prisons, live concerts and Batman. But whatever happens, it's quite likely October 13th be a clean slate for the island at large. Fortnite's live events tend to be big, blow-out one-time spectacles, so keep an eye out closer to the date to catch the spectacle.

This week's patch notes also include the regular range of fixes and tweaks, plus content updates for the oft-maligned Fortnite: Save The World mode. Creative even got some quite pleasant new rocks to play around with.

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