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Ark & Rainbow Six Siege Free Steam Weekends

Dinos or destruction?

What are you playing this weekend? No, no don't tell me yet. But if you're short on ideas, you might fancy a look at Ark: Survival Evolved or Rainbow Six Siege. Both games have kicked off free Steam weekends, letting people play the full versions until Sunday evening. They're both on sale too. If a spot of dino-hunting survival or wall-busting SWAT sounds up your alley, here you go!

Ark, if you've somehow missed it, is a sandbox survival game on an island filled with dinosaurs and other fabulous beasts. It's a bit like Rust with dinos. We sent Brendan in to investigate a year ago but strewth, an awful lot has been added since then.

If you fancy a crack, head on over here to download Ark. If you want to keep playing, the game's half-price until Monday, down to £11.49/13,99€/$14.99.

As for Siege, it's a class-based FPS about... sieges. Obvious, yeah? One team plays the naughty people holed up while the others are supercops sent in to get them. Classes have different abilities to fortify or breach defenses, with holes being punched through walls and floors as they play cops & robbers. "For all of the wonderful craft on show, Siege doesn't contain any surprises," is Wot Adam Thought. Ubi have kept adding to it, mind. Heck, the next update is out in a few days.

Head over here to have a crack at Siege. If you take a shine to it, you can get the full game half-price, for £14.99/19,99€/$24.99.

The free weekends will run until 9pm on Sunday (1pm Pacific) while the sales last until 6pm (10am Pacific) on Monday.

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