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Freeware Garden: Game Jam

Enter a game jam.

Everybody loves a game jam. It is after all "probably the most healthy scene of videogame creativity," as Locomalito, brilliant creator of some of the best freeware games, put it before releasing the aptly named Game Jam mini-game. It is a cute take on games about making games ever conceived and executed.

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As one would expect from the creator of Maldita Castilla, this is a retro offering, and a straightforward single screen platformer that attempts to humorously emulate the way a game jam team would go about making its entry.

You jump around in order to gather team mates and start implementing and then pick the appropriate power-ups to define your game's genre, style, difficulty and polish, while avoiding an increasing number of enemies. You've got 48 seconds to decide what your game will be, finish everything that needs to be done and to collect those pretty handy polish tokens. Per chance to craft something like this:

Wait till you see my super polished adventure game.

It's a pretty bonkers idea to build a platformer around this theme, but I've kept playing it over and over again in order to see all the different outcomes.

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