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Preside over a new disaster in Frostpunk's new free story expansion

More Frostpunk? For free? Ooh go on then!

If you've not already had (and caused) your fill of tragedy and disaster in Frostpunk, you might want to check out the fate of another doomed settlement in the apocalyptic survival manage 'em up with a new free expansion released today. Set before Frostpunk's main campaign, 'The Fall Of Winterhome' explores a place you'll have heard of--and possibly visited--during that, the fallen/exploded town of Winterhome. Only here it hasn't quite fallen just yet. I'm sure you can fix that gap in the continuity, you and your bright ideas about child labour. Come meet the new home you're about to muff up.

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Winterhome started out as a well-equipped research outpost but grew too large and collapsed into anarchy, being little more than a ruin to salvage by the time players find it in the main story (a discovery which hardly inspires hope in your own settlement). This bonus campaign goes down a little before then.

Senior lead designer Jakub Stokalski introduced Fall Of Winterhome in a new devchat video:

"When you start the game, the city is at the brink of collapse. The previous captain ruled it with an iron fist, and neglected people's needs for months. After some time of such treatment, people finally rebelled - but, as you can imagine, the previous captain didn't want to go down easily. The fights were bloody and took many lives, but at the end the previous leader and his followers met their fate. That's where you come in. Elected as the new captain, it's your job to pick up the city from its knees. This task won't be easy. Large parts of the city are destroyed and you'll have to rebuild them to maintain chances of survival. Memories of the tyrant are still fresh so you'll have to put in time and effort to make your people trust you."

Along with new unique problems and tasks, 11 Bit Studios say the Winterhome scenario features new buildings too. They estimate the campaign will take 4-6 hours to complete, which I assume is assuming you don't royally muff it.

See the update 1.2.0 patch notes for more on this and other changes arriving today. The update is now live on Steam and GOG.

If you've not a Frostpunker yet, hey, check out our Frostpunk review and you may well be convinced.

Developers 11 Bit Studios are also working on 'Endurance' mode for Frostpunkers who don't know when to quit. Here's that devchat vid:

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