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Frostpunk's final expansion On The Edge is coming August 20th

Push your population to the edge

Summer is for squares, according to me, the liker of snow. So I'm quite glad to see that Frostpunk's next DLC expansion is putting an emphasis on the "frost" bit after its prior expansion, The Last Autumn, was a prequel story taking place before endless winter set in. On The Edge is set after the original Frostpunk campaign, sending some New London residents out into uncharted territory on August 20th.

"The storm has exposed an army warehouse from times before the evacuation," say 11 Bit Studios. "A scouting party is sent from New London to set up an outpost and a steady chain of supplies." Folks out at the edge have survived without a generator so far, but there isn't any game to be hunted nearby. You'll have to rely on food and supplies sent from New London without wearing out their good graces.

As with the main game, On The Edge sounds like it will be full of choices that pit the lives of individual citizens against the survival of the city at large. You'll be exploring a new map along with what 11 Bit say are "new mechanics to build economic and diplomatic relations" and "new methods to divide or unite your people."

You can read the rest of 11 Bit's announcement in their news post.

On The Edge will release on August 20th on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store. A price hasn't been announced yet, but 11 Bit say it will be cheaper than The Last Autumn, which sells for £13.49/€16.99/$16.99.

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