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The Last Autumn, Frostpunk's pre-freeze DLC, is out now

Winter is definitely coming

Get your gloves and toques because eternal winter hasn't started yet but you can be assured it's coming. The post-snowpocalypse strategy game Frostpunk is all about keeping civilization lukewarm in the end times but its new campaign DLC is set before the big freeze actually happens. Total dystopia hasn't set in just yet, but it will probably arrive right on schedule with your help.

In The Last Autumn, you'll need to manage the production of the giant centralized generator that later becomes the center of society in the base game. The sea hasn't frozen over yet, so your city will still get supplies and food arriving on the docks nearby, though of course you'll have to prioritize how much of each you need.

There are also new Books of Laws, the legislation that you enact to keep production on schedule and society functioning. This time, there are labour laws to navigate, meaning your workers could strike instead of continuing work on the generator that is definitely going to save their lives.

If you'd rather see the actual game over a trailer, 11 Bit posted a The Last Autumn gameplay video last week that goes over some of the DLC's changes.

The Last Autumn adds a good chunk of new elements to your strategic survival during the last gasp of green. 11 Bit mention new buildings like a telegraph station and docks. There's a labour union building for those organizing workers, of course. Oh, and a new social class: Convicts. Apparently they're a "cheap and obedient" workforce. Suppose they can't unionise either. That's handy. The Last Autumn adds the "Builders" variant of Endless Mode where the march of progress goes on without a story wrap it.

The Last Autumn is included in Frostpunk's Season Pass but you can also buy it separately on Steam or GOG. The Season Pass is currently marked down by 30% while the base game is 60% off, for those looking to snag a deal. The Last Autumn itself is £13.49/€17/$17.

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