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Frozen Synapse Ipad Vs Frozen Synapse PC

Crossplay used to be what happened to me when I played Team Fortress 2, but after a restraining order from my mouse pad and some anger management classes, I no longer feel the need to be angry at Pyros. Now the world has moved on, the word has taken on a new meaning: what happens when one gaming system and another defy all cultural boundaries and work together. Frozen Synapse is about to do just that with its iPad version: you'll be able to play multiplayer across the PC and the iPad, and if you own both versions then you can continue your game you were playing on whatever system you have at hand. Toilet time just got tactical.

I want more of this kind of thing. I tend to not play games on my glassy slate, but fiddling with Frozen Synapse moves would probably help me ignore the bouquet of odors wafting through London's buses in the coming summer. I'm a big fan of using a tablet or phone to access bits of PC games I've been playing, like this half-decent Planetside 2 app, but Frozen Synapse is so feature complete that it's just the same game. It's the perfect game for it. Here's Paul from Mode 7 games to show you that everything I've just written is the truth. You can't fake things on YouTube. They have algorithms.

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If you don't know what an iPad is, I found a long lost design meeting that explains it all.

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so don't drop your iPad, not unless you're one of Zod's acolytes. Frozen Synapse is slated (hah!) for a May 16th release.

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