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Game of Thrones reportedly has an MMO in the works, nearly a decade after the last one was cancelled

Set around the fourth and fifth seasons of the show; or, Before It Got Bad

Jon Snow looks sadly over his fur-padded shoulder in Game of Thrones
Image credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

It’s been five years since Game of Thrones ended and a good while since we had a decent video game based on George RR Martin’s fantasy writings that aren’t Elden Ring lore. Yet it seems that Game of Thrones’ cultural cachet still has enough draw to inspire new games of its own. And not just an arguably underrated-if-also-not-particularly-great action-adventure RPG or fairly okay Telltale adventure game, either, but a whole honest-to-goodness Game of Thrones MMO currently in development, according to new rumours.

The untitled Game of Thrones MMORPG seemingly shared with Redanian Intelligence is said to be in the works over at Nexon, the Korean publisher behind the likes of multiplayer shooter The Finals, not-indie Dave the Diver and, most notably here, free-to-play MMO MapleStory.

According to the anonymous sources cited, the Game of Thrones MMO will be set in the north of Westeros, spanning familiar locations such as Stark stronghold Winterfell and the Wall patrolled by the Night’s Watch.

The MMO would apparently be set parallel to the events seen in the HBO series’ fourth and fifth seasons - or A Storm of Swords and A Dance with Dragons, if you prefer - with Jon Snow part of the Night’s Watch and Lannister lackey Roose Bolton having taken over as Warden of the North after (spoilers for Game of Thrones!) killing Robb Stark. (Unsurprisingly, the report claims that familiar characters will be voiced by soundalikes rather than the original series’ cast, who are no doubt off holidaying on their Game of Thrones Monopoly residuals.)

Swinging a flaming sword around in Game of Thrones
Image credit: HBO

While being an MMO, the game will have a story campaign that centres on two potential player characters- one male, one female. Whichever character you don’t choose apparently still hangs around in the background of the story, similar to the handling of multiple characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda, with the game as a whole compared to The Elder Scrolls Online.

A previous Game of Thrones MMO, Seven Kingdoms, was announced way back in 2012 and was seemingly in development for a number of years before being cancelled after developers Bigpoint were acquired in 2016. That project was ultimately replaced by Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, a browser-based MMO strategy game released on Steam back in 2019 that doesn’t look particularly good. At least this one might be better, whenever we see it?

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