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Have You Played… Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series?

What is dead is probably dead

Game of Thrones was maybe not Telltale’s most popular adventure spin-off, but it was their best multiplayer game.

Huh? You didn’t play the multiplayer? Oh boy, you missed out.

All right, it wasn’t real multiplayer. You didn’t fight your mate with a sword until you cut their arm off. But you could do fun homebrew "multiplayer" by simply passing the pad when the focus of the story shifted between characters. The plot follows the brothers and sisters of House Forrester (basically stand-ins for the Starks). For example, I would be playing any time wild frat boy of the desert Asher Forrester was on-screen. But when it shifted to King’s Landing to play as Mira Forrester, my partner would take over the controls.

This not-quite-co-op resulted in many cries of disagreement. Because when your character makes a decision or a promise, it can be in contradiction to your cohort’s desires. If you’re playing alone, it could be hard to make characters develop in a way that feels at odds with each other. If you’re passing the pad, however, it feels more natural. You’re not playing “director” in your own head with a bunch of figurines, your filling the boots of your characters, and watching with unease and suspicion as your partner makes political allegiances you don’t like.

It was the best way to play, and I can’t wait until the next seaso--



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