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You Win Or You Grind - Game of Thrones: 7 Kingdoms

Game of Thrones games will continue until every last remaining dark corner of Westeros has been illuminated by the lord of cutscenes. It has been prophesied! Next to leap aboard George R. R. Martin and HBO’s blood’n’sex bandwagon is serial MMO-maker Bigpoint, who follow up their Battlestar Galactica free to play massively multiplayer with Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms.

It’s a free to play, browser-based MMO, will be based specifically on the TV show (nudity!) rather than the source books (bloat) and seems to be set near the start of the second series. That is to say, the hunting accident and the surprising event seen from the statue of Baelor have both gone down and thus the kingdom has plunged into civil war.

The North (proud, stoic, chilly) and the South (flash, duplicitous, good hair) are both very much out to get each other, and there are a whole host of folks claiming their right t the crown of Westeros. In vidjagam terms, this translates to “ Players are challenged to form alliances through Player vs. Player (PvP), Siege combat and politics to control Westeros.”

And that’s basically all we know, bar a couple more screenshots on the website. First footage will arrive during San Diego ComicCon next week, and beta testing is due later this year. Let’s hope Seven Kingdoms is more Game of Thrones The Roleplaying Game than Game of Thrones Genesis. And that there a big, brutal, Blackwater-style naval battles, please.

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