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Gears 5: Hivebusters DLC invites you to bust a hive today

Jump inside an alien thing and burst out from its insides, hoo-rah

I don't particularly like the idea of being purposefully captured by aliens in order to kill them from inside their big scary lairs, but this appears to be exactly what The Coalition will have you doing in the first story expansion for Gears Of War 5. The Hivebusters DLC arrived today, dropping players in with a familiar team ready to get going on their debut mission to bust some hives.

The expansion will have you playing as Lahni, Keegan and Mac, a trio you might've already met in Gears 5's Escape mode. Well, they're off on their very own suicide mission to destroy a pesky Swarm hive that's causing some havoc.

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It's a three-hour long campaign that you can play with your pals in three-player split screen or online co-op. There are 16 new achievements too, if you fancy chasing that perfect Gears 5 score.

Hivebusters sounds like a good addition to an already-good game, I reckon. In his Gears 5 review, Matthew Castle said: "I’m enjoying this new trend of RPGs-but-not-RPGs; action games that borrow the language of the more complex genre – side quests, character levelling, exploration – but in such a way that there’s never any doubt you’ll miss a pixel of it. Gears 5 left my belly nice and fat, and keen for the next course"

You can grab Hivebusters right now on Steam and the Microsoft Store for £15/$20€20. It's also available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (but not regualr Game Pass) for PC, console and Android.

The Gears 5: Game Of The Year Edition also came out today, which includes the Hivebusters DLC and a Halo: Reach character pack. Find that one on Steam and the Microsoft Store as well.

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