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Get a load of Godfall's shiny weapons in the first gameplay trailer

Time for a good old loot n' slash

Upcoming Borderlands-but-fantasy game, Godfall, got it's very first gameplay trailer last night, showing off some heavily armoured knights whacking some monstrous enemies with big old medieval weaponry. Published by Gearbox and developed by Counterplay Games, they describe it as a "looter-slasher", though I suppose it could be a looter-stabber depending on the weapon you choose. But there is a fair bit of slashing involved in the new trailer - it's a good first look at what to expect in their world of Aperion, though I hope the actual game isn't set to the music playing over it here:

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"In Godfall, Aperion is on the precipice of ruin," Counterplay say. "You are the last of the Valorian knights, god-like warriors able to equip Valorplates, legendary armor sets that transform wielders into unstoppable masters of melee combat. Players will tear through foes as they climb through some of the elemental realms and challenge the mad-god Macros who awaits you at the top."

Looks like we're in for a good old hack n' slash here. You can play it solo or with up to three pals, bashing through enemies to get yourselves even better loot to bash through enemies with. There are five weapon classes to choose from, I'm personally very interested in giving enemies a good thwack with those warhammers. Also a big fan of the shiny "god-like" armour you can unlock. Functional and pretty - can't save the world if you don't look good.

Godfall is set to release around holiday time this year on the Epic Games Store, and will be exclusive to the storefront for one year. Check out the game's shiny website for more info.

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