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Give 'Em A Hand - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Launches

And also an arm. And a leg. And a head, if you're feeling especially generous/decapitated. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Torn Banner's claimant to the suddenly contested online thwack 'n' slash throne, is now riding onto the battlefield. And by the looks of things, it means business. And by "means business," I mean wow. I've been enjoying War of the Roses despite a number of flaws, but I might give it a break this evening to stare intently as Chivalry's download bar fills up on Steam. I'm exaggerating, of course, but it really does look quite impressive. Peruse the limb-severing carnage with your eyeballs - which are hopefully still attached to your body in some form or another - after the break.

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Digging deeper, I'm actually quite pleased by how different Chivalry sounds from its nearest (read: potentially not that near) competitor. For one, horses - those detestable beasts of burden and also lances - aren't in the mix, so everyone's on more even footing. Also, each level has its own set of (seemingly) diverse objectives - from defending siege weaponry to killing kinds to pushing corpse wagons. (There's wanton peasant slaughter as well, which is apparently "realistic," but also a bit bad-taste-in-my-mouth-y.) Will that give it more long-term appeal than War of the Roses' rather limited mode selection, though? Fingers crossed.

Beyond that, it's a pretty standard setup: slay your fellow man, unlock new implements with which to better turn innards into outtards, and so on. You can grab it on Steam right now or cut out the middleman and head to the official site. So then, has anyone tried this one yet? If so, is it worth a measured modicum of excitement? Also, how's it looking in terms of staying power?

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