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Deus Ex overhaul mod GMDX launches final version

Trickier AI

If magic isn't real, you explain why me chanting DEUS EX DEUS EX DEUS EX has just caused sent several dozen people to, without even realising, reinstall the vintage FPS-RPG. But hold up, bewitched nostalgics! After years of development, the overhaul mod Give Me Deus Ex [official site] has launched its final version. GMDX shakes things up with more-advanced AI for a tougher challenge, improved mantling for agile Dentons, expanded physics for fancier mayhem, and new textures and bits for people who say "Ew, is that a pixel?" If the magic words compel you to return to Deus Ex, you might fancy a few surprises. Observe, a trailer showcasing newnesss:

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AI changes are perhaps the feature I'm most interested in, as by now I know Deus Ex well enough to not be surprised by anything enemies do. Enemies are a solved problem for me, something I don't need to put any thought into - which is a shame. The team say that changes in the final version of GMDX include:

  • New semi-elaborate AI post-combat searching sub-state: Enemies will search the area more elaborately, open nearby doors, check hide points, and potentially raise the alarm or throw flares. Some may also stay behind and wander the area when everyone has cleared off.
  • NPCs now throw gas grenades into vents.
  • NPCs now react to flares more elaborately.
  • Cloak NPCs sometimes turn it on when seeking, if they think they saw you.
  • AI now shoot through glass.

I like some of the added detail in levels, though less keen on those new textures. I like the smooth look of Deus Ex. All the noise of this -- and so many other texture packs for other games -- is a style too different for my liking. But hey, magic always brings a few complications.

GMDX v9.0 is available to download from Mod DB.

If you fancy a Deus Ex which changes a little more, have a look at the Deus Ex: Revision mod. It makes far bigger changes to the world, reshaping bits and adding a lot more detail, while also tweaking its gameguts a little and adding new modes like New Game+ and wave survival arenas.

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