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Go on dates and roll in sand in We Met In May

Sand in wine is never a good idea

What is dating if not a chance to embarrass yourself in front of someone and hope that they still like you anyway? We Met In May, released earlier this week, explores “the comedy that comes with getting to know someone” through a series of vignettes. Go to the seaside. Cook some dinner. Decide whether or not to hide your bra. You know the sort of thing. Here’s a trailer.

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Made by Nina Freeman, Jake Jefferies, and Ryan Yoshikami, the game features the former pair in their early courting attempts, apparently based on their real experiences.

I haven’t been able to play the full thing because [the screeching, wailing sound of time passing over a crammed to-do list], but the vignette Beach Date appears to be at least based on Freeman and Jefferies’ entry in the sunset-themed game jam from last year. “It’s goofy, but also sweet,” said I, once upon a time, which feels like what We Met In May is aiming for.

The game’s store page also points out: “These aren't massive 400 hour RPGs, so don't expect bazillions of hours of gameplay. In fact, only expect... an hour or less! Unless you want to share these at a party - then you can get lots of hours out of the collection by watching your friends try to pour sand directly into Jake's mouth in…Beach Date.” Yes. Good. All of this is excellent.

We Met In May is available from Steam and for $4.99/£3.99/€3.99.

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